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Commercial Trucking Insurance in Jesup, GA

All owner-operators and trucking companies must carry commercial auto insurance with adequate liability coverage. This insurance helps protect the owner-operator or motor carrier from liability lawsuits if the truck driver causes an accident resulting in third-party injuries or property damage.

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What Does Commercial Trucking Insurance Cover?

Commercial trucking insurance may provide coverage for a range of risks associated with operating large vehicles. Key coverage typically includes liability for bodily injury and property damage, physical damage coverage for the truck and trailer, cargo insurance to protect the goods being transported and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. Additional options like roadside assistance and rental reimbursement may also be available.

How Does Commercial Trucking Insurance Work?

Commercial trucking insurance protects truckers and trucking companies from financial losses due to accidents, theft or damage to cargo. When a policy is purchased, the insured agrees to pay a premium, and in return, the insurance company commits to cover losses as specified in the policy.

In the event of an incident, a claim is filed, and the insurance company evaluates the claim to determine coverage. The insurer may cover losses such as vehicle repairs, medical expenses or cargo damage, up to the policy’s limits.

What Is the Difference Between Commercial Truck and Auto Insurance?

The primary difference between commercial truck and auto insurance lies in the nature of the risks they cover and the scale of coverage. Commercial truck insurance is specifically designed for the risks of operating large commercial vehicles. It often involves higher coverage limits due to the more significant potential for damage and liability in trucking accidents. Commercial truck policies typically include coverage for cargo, which is a critical aspect of the trucking business.

Auto insurance, however, is designed for personal vehicles and typically focuses on covering smaller-scale risks. The differences underscore the importance of obtaining appropriate coverage based on the specific needs of the vehicle and its use.

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