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Personal Umbrella Insurance

Personal umbrella insurance can be a valuable addition to your existing insurance policies. It can provide financial protection against potentially devastating liability claims or judgments that exceed the coverage limits of your standard insurance policies.

What Does Personal Umbrella Policy Cover?

Personal umbrella insurance typically provides additional liability coverage once the limits of your primary insurance policies (e.g., homeowners, auto, watercraft) have been reached.

This type of insurance may cover the following:

  • Property damage liability— This may cover costs associated with damage to someone else’s property, including vehicles, homes or other structures.
  • Bodily injury liability— This can help pay for medical expenses if you’re held responsible for injuries sustained by others.
  • Legal fees—This may pay for legal defense if you’re sued for a covered incident.

How Much Is Personal Umbrella Insurance?

Insurers consider several factors when determining your personal umbrella insurance cost. These include your underlying insurance policies, risk profile, coverage limits and insurance provider.

If you’re looking to save on personal umbrella insurance, consider obtaining quotes from different insurance providers, bundling your umbrella insurance with other policies and working with an insurance agent to explore more cost-saving options.

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